Write an equation of each horizontal tangent line to the curve

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Parametric Equations

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Line (geometry)

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Line (geometry)

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Parametric Equations

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Two-dimensional Geometry and the Golden section or Fascinating Flat Facts about Phi On this page we meet some of the marvellous flat (that is, two dimensional) geometry facts related to the golden section number Phi.

Here are four equations, each using similar numbers. Which one would be the most difficult for a student to solve? Conventional wisdom is that this question is too complex to really grapple with; it depends on the kids, the class, what they’re studying, etc.

Follow us: Share this page: This section covers: Introduction to Parametric Equations; Parametric Equations in the Graphing Calculator; Converting Parametric Equations to Rectangular: Eliminating the Parameter. Use ImageMagick® to create, edit, compose, convert bitmap images.

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Write an equation of each horizontal tangent line to the curve
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