The third runway in hong kong

Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong’s Third Runway Takes Off

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Third Runway on Reclaimed Land

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The Third Runway Project in the Hong Kong International Airport The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce ("HKGCC") would like to reiterate the support of the business community in building the Third Runway.

The Hong Kong Airport Authority’s options are focused on the closure of the northern runway in for about two years to allow for tunnelling work to create a road access for airport vehicles to cross the live runway safely without delaying or endangering aircraft.

During daylight, a third runway may allow for more movements, but whether these could be utilised is another matter. Airspace around Hong Kong is unique in being restricted by Chinese airspace to the North, both in terms of space and its vulnerability to mainland delays and air traffic flow control.

Hong Kong Needs Another Airport By David Dodwell, South China Morning Post | Apr. 17, Bythe International Air Transport Association (IATA) says that one in five passengers worldwide will be travelling to China, from China, or within China. Atkins is working on a major expansion plan for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

We are working with the Airport Authority Hong Kong to implement a three-runway system (3RS), involving construction of a new airport platform north of the existing north runway.

Hong Kong airport gets green light for $24 billion third runway

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has submitted a project profile to the Director of Environmental Protection to move ahead with the new HK$bn ($bn) third runway after the proposal was passed by the government.

The third runway in hong kong
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