The things they carried and the women who werenit there essay

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Women Roles in

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Yes, he said. There are many things that trouble Patria in her marriage, with her children, with her sisters, with the country. The Things They Carried and the Women Who Weren’t There Essay Sample Tim O’Brien’s short story The Things They Carried portrays a group of army buddies in Vietnam.

There system of camaraderie, their experiences with death, and destruction provide the reader with a point of view perspective that is both humane and devastating in light of the environment in which the story is told.

The story "The Things They Carried" is about war and the things that soldiers carry with them in the war. This is a story that I can relate to. The author describes what the. TravellerKSA - Edition 6 English Language Secondary Stage Published by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Credits System Elective Program Level Six Semester System English Language 6 Special.

In "The Things They Carried," women play a supporting role, not seen, but very much on the mind of the men.

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The things they carried and the women who werenit there essay
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