The prevalence of the comfort system comfort of women in the japanese military

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Fact Sheet on Japanese Military “Comfort Women”

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The Exploitation of Asian Women in the Japanese Comfort Women System During World War II - Introduction War is a devastating event in which a country is in a state of aggression and resentment.

Aug 28,  · Despite the widespread prevalence of what was essentially institutionalised rape the issue of comfort women was ignored by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East that was established after the war to prosecute Japanese war criminals.

Jan 14,  · SUBJECT: Japanese Military's "Comfort Women" System FROM: Larry Niksch Specialist in Asian Affairs Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division The Congressional Research Service prepared this memorandum to enable distribution to more than one congressional client. "Comfort women" is a historical term referring to women who were forced to provide sexual service to Japanese soldiers at military brothels called "comfort stations" established by the Japanese military in its occupied territories between and The issue of the Japanese military’s “comfort women” emerged in the s as a pending problem.


The Japanese government asserted that the system was operated by private-sector businesses and. The comfort women system was established by the Japanese military, according to Lee, for a variety of reasons, like: preventing the spread of venereal disease, preventing soldiers from committing the crime of rape against civilian women, and to preventing classified information leaks that could occur if soldiers patronized prostitutes working.

The prevalence of the comfort system comfort of women in the japanese military
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Korea Had Long History of Trafficking in Women—Even Before the Japanese Came | JAPAN Forward