The negative impact of whale watching activities on cetaceans

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Whaling in Japan

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Surviving Ainu folklore reveals a long history of whaling and a spiritual association with whales. Whale watching guidelines aim to manage potentially adverse impacts on whales from both commercial and recreational whale watching activities by stipulating minimum approach distances and dictating appropriate behaviour from land, boat and air.

Whales play a very important role in the health of our environment and our understanding of marine mammals as well as playing an important role in helping growing economies that rely on whale watching and other spectator activities bring in capital through tourism.

In order to give you a greater understanding of their importance we’ll begin by looking at how whales have helped us develop. To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Marine Biology, enter your email address in the box below.

A subset of whale-watching activities involves trips where humans enter the water with wild cetaceans “The resumption of whaling by Iceland and the potential negative impact in the Icelandic whale-watching market.

Estimating the Impact of Whaling on Global Whale Watching* including too many close approaches and sometimes collisions with cetaceans, too The negative impact of whale-watching activities on whale and dolphin populations, therefore, can be controlled by useful management processes.

In recent years, some pro-whaling countries, including. A very large, graceful ray, the reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) is a distinctive fish with triangular pectoral ‘wings’ and paddle-like lobes which extend in front of the as cephalic lobes, these are forward extensions of the pectoral fins which form a funnel-like structure while feeding, helping to channel plankton-rich water into the mouth.

The negative impact of whale watching activities on cetaceans
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