The modern bird a descendant of

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A Deep Dive Into the Skeleton of the Oldest-Known Modern Bird

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Evolution of birds

Of these groups of animals, second to birds, crocodiles are probably the closest related to dinosaurs (though they are not considered modern dinosaurs themselves, unlike birds).

Today, there are 23 known crocodile species (which live in the tropics of Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas) and over 10, bird species in the world.

Graphic: How Tyrannosaurus rex evolved into modern bird

Are Birds Really Dinosaurs? Archaeopteryx, generally accepted as being the oldest known bird, is an important link between birds and other coelurosaurs that has helped to illuminate the evolutionary history (phylogeny) of the group.

Origin of birds

It is now widely held to be the ancestor of all living birds; this is a common misconception. Sep 26,  · But there was no single "missing link" between ancient dinosaurs and modern birds. Every bird living today is a distant relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, the fearsome "king of the dinosaurs".

Birds are categorized as a biological class, Aves. For more than a century, the small theropod dinosaur Archaeopteryx lithographica from the Late Jurassic period was considered to have been the earliest bird.

Modern phylogenies place birds in the dinosaur clade Theropoda. “Modern birds evolved a pair of fingers on the face,” he said. Armed with their insight into bird evolution, Abzhanov, Bhullar and collaborators have. Origin of birds. The scientific question within which larger group of animals birds evolved, has traditionally been called the origin of birds.

The present scientific consensus is that birds are a group of theropod dinosaurs that originated during the Mesozoic Era.

Are Birds Really Dinosaurs? The modern bird a descendant of
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