The importance of the roman catholic church in the history of theatre

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History of theatre

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History of the Catholic Church

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There is no other institution on earth so old and so new at the same time, capable of overcoming all the persecution She has been suffering since the times of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Catholic Church is important in the history of theatre for many reasons. First, church services were beginning to be more theatrical and performances would be staged in the churches.

Secondly, the stories from the Bible were the material that the plays of this time. From totwo important events took place in history that greatly affected the Roman Catholic Church. They were the "discovery" and conquest of the Americas and the Protestant Reformation. The Roman Catholic Church underwent a renewal called, the "Counter-Reformation." The First Vatican Council was held in A change in interests among popular culture, a change in patronage to the theater, and the establishment of playhouses signified the death of the theatre in the Middle Ages.

The interest in religious plays was replaced by a renewed interest in Roman and Greek culture. To understand the Protestant Reform movement, we need to go back in history to the early 16th century when there was only one church in Western Europe - what we would now call the Roman Catholic Church - under the leadership of the Pope in Rome.

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Roman Catholicism

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The importance of the roman catholic church in the history of theatre
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