The hidden meaning in the ad for the fontana candida wine in the glamour magazine

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ran ads for its Italian wine brand, Fontana Candida, in the March issue of Glamour magazine and is sponsoring the monthly's woman of the year awards.

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The practice, as defined by a pair of design. 'Dreaming In The Sun' is a collaborative summer story by Prince of Sun & Arturo Bamboo. Prince of Sun is based in Barcelona and Arturo Bamboo switched city life in Berlin this summer for the islands of Formentera / Spain and Hydra / Greece - a sense of summer heat comes right at you when looking at.

Whether you are online, or reading their magazine. I think they were the first set of magazines that did recipes well and maybe the only.

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Sure, you could buy Food and Wine, but the recipes share more similarities with newspaper recipes scraped together to meet .

The hidden meaning in the ad for the fontana candida wine in the glamour magazine
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