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Fijian (Vakaviti)

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Fijian definition is - a member of a Melanesian people of Fiji. a member of a Melanesian people of Fiji; the Austronesian language of the Fijians See the full definition. Fiji (sometimes called the Fiji Islands), is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean.

It lies about one-third of the way from New Zealand to Hawaii and consists of an archipelago of islands, a handful of which make up most of the land area, and approximately of which are inhabited.

The Fijian rugby team, the world rugby Sevens champions, will be the special guests at the finals of the Qatar Rugby Sevens League which be held at the Aspire Warm Up Track in Doha on November World 7s champs Fiji to attend the Qatar final.

Capture your own priceless Fiji photos by putting yourself in the picture. From beach sports to ecological pursuits to traditional Fijian rituals. Every day at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort presents an endless array of fun and holiday activities.

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