The factors affecting hydrilla verticillata

The Factors Affecting Hydrilla Verticillata Essay

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Abstract Liberal Aquatic vascular plants are a grammatical group, differing from traditional plants in our growth forms and habitats. Hydrilla: Hydrilla verticillata Appearance: Hydrilla is a submersed, much-branched, perennial herb, usually rooted but frequently with fragments seen drifting in the water.

Stems can be more than 35 feet long. Hydrilla once was used as an aquarium plant, and has become a weed of economic importance. Many aquatic weed scientists consider Hydrilla verticillata the most problematic aquatic plant in the United States.

This plant, native to Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia, was introduced to Florida in via the aquarium trade.

Hydrilla verticillata (hydrilla); invasive habit on a American lake; Mike Netherland (left) and Donald Morgan of the Army Corps of Engineers collect herbicide-resistant hydrilla. Hydrilla can have some very negative effects on biotic organisms and abiotic objects.

Hydrilla is a plant that can drink all the water in a pond (abiotic), which will kill all the water plants and animals (biotic). Hydrilla exhibits aggressive growth, forming dense canopies of biomass at the surface of the invaded aquatic systems, affecting fisheries, water quality, transportation and recreational usage.

The Factors Affecting Hydrilla Verticillata

The Factors Affecting Hydrilla Verticillata. Topics: Water, Ammonia, Fertilizer Pages: 7 ( words) Published: February 22, RELATED LITERATURE Plants that grow in water habitats are called Aquatic plants. A few common examples of these are the seaweeds and water lilies.

They have unique characteristics for them to adapt in marine.

The factors affecting hydrilla verticillata
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