The different forms of marijuana

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Types Of Weed

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Ways of Consuming Medical Marijuana

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The Different Ways to Smoke and Consume Cannabis

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types of marijuana

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Marijuana strains are often a cross of Sativa and Indica to give properties of each i.e. to make certain Sativa smaller and more potent, or an Indica larger and with bigger buds. Smoking marijuana flowers is a well-known method of administration (or “medicating), but there are numerous alternative ways to gain the benefits of medicinal cannabis—each possessing certain benefits and drawbacks.

Apr 29,  · There are many different types of cannabis concentrate, each defined by its extraction process. Though new types of marijuana concentrate are still being created, the most common ones you'll find in the stores are as follows:Author: Abby Hutmacher.

Feb 06,  · Marijuana is added to bubble bags, which are essentially silk screen bags. The mixture is agitated, and different types of bubble bags are used to refine the product. Since THC is not soluble in water, the ice water can be easily separated from the resin glands, allowing for a higher quality hash product than what the traditional Author: Staff.

The potency of marijuana can vary greatly from one plant to another and from one preparation to another. Also, the route of administration can strongly affect the intensity of marijuana's effects.

For these reasons, one person's experience of taking marijuana can be completely different from that of someone else. Cannabis or Marijuana is available in 3 different forms which can be smoked or eaten and are as follows: Marijuana – It represents the most common and least concentrated form which is made from dried leaves and flowers of the plant.

It ranges in color from grey-green to greenish-brown.

The different forms of marijuana
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