The concepts of clinical governance

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Clinical governance

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AI GLOBAL GOVERNANCE Commission is an executive body composed of governments, industry and civil society commissioned to deliver the global Convention on AI. – This paper aims to explore the development of the concept of clinical governance as an international approach to addressing quality and safety issues in healthcare.

Goals and Learner Objectives At the end of this course, participants should be able to identify guideline-driven, practical, cardiovascular care strategies for the contemporary athlete including professional, recreational, occupational or tactical patients.

Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP®) Now more than ever, a strong, highly respected clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program can make a difference in achieving the goals of RAC audits, ARRA/HITECH, and other important initiatives aimed.

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world.

Membership has grown from 59 scientists in to more than 39, members today, with more than one third located outside the United States. The members represent 26 disciplines of microbiological specialization plus a division for microbiology educators.

Clinical governance is a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care within the National Health Service, (NHS). Clinical governance became important in health care after the Bristol heart scandal in .

The concepts of clinical governance
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The main components of clinical governance