The bumblebee orchid

Bee orchid

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Bumblebee Orchid

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bee orchid

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Orchid Bee

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The pollination of orchid flowers Orchids are The bumblebee orchid of the most advanced families of flowering plants with worldwide currently 21 to 26 accepted species in genera. Orchids have evolved a diverse range of pollination mechanisms with an increasingly precise adaptation to. Ophrys apifera (Bee Orchid) is a plant of the family Orchidaceae, found in western and central Europe, the Mediterranean region, and east through Turkey to the Caucasus.

Contents[show] Distribution Ophrys apifera is a perennial, temperate climate species of orchid generally found growing on. Direct image link: Bee Orchid Mouseover text: In sixty million years aliens will know humans only by a fuzzy clip of a woman in an Axe commercial.

(I randomly choose names for the altitlehover text because I like to watch you squirm. The nests of only a few orchid bee species have been found. Nests are constructed in cavities in wood, in fern roots, in the ground, in bamboo stems, in termite nests, under palm leaves, in crevices, under bridges on rocks, and on roofs of houses.

The bumblebee queen produces a few generations of workers during the summer, which then take over the task of collecting nectar and pollen and help rear the final generation of the colony, queens for the next summer, and males to mate with them.

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The bumblebee orchid
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