The birth of the sutton constituency and its effects on the election of 1951

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Indeed, as one of the "right[s] of the citizen[s] of this great country, protected by implied guarantees of its Constitution," the Court identified the right "`to come to the seat of government to share its offices, to engage in administering its functions.'". One November morning as I drove to work, the radio cackled with news of my reward for taking this chance--the Nobel Prize in chemistry shared with colleague Ed McMillan.

At 39, I was one of the youngest winners ever of the world's most prestigious award. Following a nationwide Constituent Assembly (CA) election inthe newly formed CA declared Nepal a federal democratic republic, abolished the monarchy, and elected the country's first president. After the CA failed to draft a constitution by a May deadline set by the Supreme Court, then-Prime Minister Baburam BHATTARAI dissolved the CA.

An election petition calling in question any election may be presented on one or more of the grounds specified in 1[sub-section (1)] of section and section to the 2[High Court] by any candidate at such election or any elector 3[within forty-five days from, but not earlier than the date of election of the returned candidate or if there.

The birth of the sutton constituency and its effects on the election of 1951
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