The basic and benefit of the socratic method

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The Socratic Method in Tutoring

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The socratic method and pimping, while similar, are distinct teaching strategies with some areas of overlap. Small-group instruction is arguably the best way to teach clinical medicine and questions, whether asked “socratically” or by “pimping,” will persist in medical student teaching.

The basic elements of the Socratic Method are shown in the diagram to the left.

Socratic Methods

Two people engage in a thoughtful and focused dialogue. The inquisitor is the teacher who poses questions. The interlocutor is the student answering those questions.

In response to a question posed by the inquisitor, the interlocutor answers by forming the initial hypothesis—a tentative answer to the question.

The Socratic method is a style of education involving a conversation in which a student is asked to question their assumptions. It is a forum for open-ended inquiry, one in which both student and. The Socratic method represents the core of an attorney's craft: questioning, analyzing and simplifying.

Doing all this successfully in front of others for the first time is a memorable moment. It’s important to remember that professors aren’t using the Socratic seminar to embarrass or demean students.

Oct 10,  · To argue using the Socratic method, start by asking questions to make sure you understand what the other person is claiming, then ask for evidence to support their claims. Next, challenge their assumptions by focusing on the ideas that aren’t supported by evidence%(2).

The Classic Socratic Method is distinguished from the Modern Socratic Method by the nature of its questions. The Classic Socratic Method pursues the big questions about justice, virtue and other basic qualities of human character and living.

The basic and benefit of the socratic method
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