The ballot or the bullet rhetorical devices

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The Ballot or the Bullet Speech?

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The Bullet or the Ballot

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Malcolm X: “The Ballot or the Bullet”

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The Most Important Cases, Speeches, Laws & Documents in American History

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What is the summary of Malcolm X's speech

c. Type the name of the speaker and the year the speech was given.

What are three rhetorical devices that Malcolm X uses in his speech ''The Ballot or the Bullet''

2) Analogy a. Copy exact example from a speech here b. Type your explanation of effect of the device. The ballot or the bullet rhetorical devices. The ballot or the bullet transcript. The ballot or the bullet text.

The ballot or the bullet context. The ballot or the bullet soapstone. The ballot or the bullet speech pdf. Rhetorical Analysis of Ballot or the Bullet Sppech by. Repetition is one of Malcolm X’s favorite rhetorical devices. For example, the theme and title of the speech “the ballot or the bullet” (l.

8) is mentioned about 16 times by the speaker: “Let it be the ballot or the bullet. Let him know that it must be the ballot or the bullet.” (ll. ). They supported equal rights for every race, but when comparing MLK’s “I Have a Dream’ and Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet,” one sees the similarities in their rhetorical styles and differences in their tone and message.

Identify the type of rhetorical device contained in this quote from “The Ballot or the Bullet”: “America today finds herself in a unique situation.” A narrator who. Ballot or the Bullet: Convincing the Nation By: Ellis, Connor, Annie, and Mia Rhetoric Literary Devices Literary Devices are tools of speech to help get one’s point across.

The ballot or the bullet rhetorical devices
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