Reaction to the nacirema

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Reaction to the Nacirema Essay

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Body Rituals Among the Nacirema

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The Nacirema compose a fictitious culture that has been used as a tool for many people in diverse fields for more than 60 years. They were first “discovered” and “studied by Horace Miner in Javeiya Cognetta Professor Napierski SOC September 21, Nacirema Culture Reaction Nacirema culture is one of many cultures that contain behavior of people that is sometimes seen as unthinkable behavior.

People of Nacirema culture are infatuated and abide by ritual activities that this culture has come to believe will rid of ugliness, illness.

Reaction to the Nacirema. At first I wasn’t too surprised by the behavior of the Nacirema - Reaction to the Nacirema introduction.

Medicine men making potions and priests making sure water is holy are all things that I have heard about before. Sep 06,  · - word essay on one ritual or one or more rituals of American culture.

Try to write as Miner did in the Nacirema article. Describe the chosen topic as. Horace Miner Reaction Paper The "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema," by Horace Miner, takes an anthropological view on an unnamed culture. Upon reading, it becomes quite clear that Miner is speaking of the United States, but writes to create the illusion that the American culture is .

Reaction to the nacirema
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