My struggles along the journey while learning to play the drums

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Learn to Play the Guitar in 10 Hours – No Musical Talent Required

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Strumming Along Discipleship

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How to CRUSH the Blues

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Super Easy DIY Coffee Can Drums for Toddlers

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You won’t feel overwhelmed. Sep 26,  · I thought I'd chronicle my "struggles"learning the Guitar as (hopefully) encouragement to any noobs who may follow and a call to those of you who know what the hell you are doing and can produce coherent sounds from your guitar for help and encouragement. Jan 25,  · The Struggles of Learning Guitar mistakes I made.

Now, playing guitar is second nature. I'll never give Jeff Beck a run for his money, but somewhere along the way, I developed my own style, and became a jack of all trades. Over the course of a gig, I play standard electric six string, 12 string electric, some slide blues on my open A tuned.


One of the favorite parts of my job is sharing this journey with high schools, trade schools, colleges, and universities looking to enhance student learning and self-awareness.

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My struggles along the journey while learning to play the drums
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