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The film is expected to be served and released in Tamil and English. Kandahar is an art-house film all but ignored by critics for most of last year, and suddenly propelled to widespread general release as a result of the events of September 11, before which few would even have been able to place the Afghan city on a map.

Kandagar () - Torrents. Russian transport aircraft IL, carrying a cargo of ammunition under the guise of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan from Albania, forced to put interceptors at Kandahar.

The name Afghānistān (Pashto: افغانستان ‬ ‎) is believed to be as old as the ethnonym Afghan, which is documented in the 10th-century geography book Hudud ul-'skayra.com root name "Afghan" was used historically in reference to a member of the ethnic Pashtuns, and the suffix "-stan" means "place of" in skayra.comore, Afghanistan translates to land of.

Viaggio a Kandahar (Safar-e Qandahār) è un film del diretto dal regista iraniano Mohsen Makhmalbaf e girato in parte in Afghanistan durante il regime skayra.comonista ne è l'attrice Nelofer Pazira.

Il film racconta la storia (in parte vera in parte inventata) di una rifugiata afgana di successo in Canada (interpretata da. Kandahar By: Gurjot, Jay, Gursimran, Karandeep Plot Nafas is a reporter who was born in Afghanistan, but fled with her family to Canada when she was a child.

Viaggio a Kandahar

Kandahar is a Malayalam-language Indian war film written and directed by Major Ravi. It is the third installment in the Major Mahadevan film series, with Mohanlal reprising his role as Major Mahadevan after the film Keerthi Chakra and film Kurukshetra.

Kandahar the movie
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