How the environment influences the social organization of turkana

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What are the important factors that affects of social environment?

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Man lives in an environment where both abiotic and biotic factors affect him. He learns to adapt himself to these in several ways. There is also another kind of environment, which plays an important role in man’s living conditions, this is the social environment.

Social environment includes. The most important factor that influences the social organization of the Turkana is their environment. The wet season is a major factor in the Turkana social organization.

Empowerment of Women and Girls

Because there is less concerns about the animals and water supply, more time is devoted to social interaction. Food and the Turkana in Kenya. Author. herd size, social obligations, and perceptions of the environment and proper herd management.

Factors Influencing the Social Environment in an Organization

The climate imposes constraints on the available techniques of livestock management. Turkana social organization allows flexibility in the formation of these social networks which provide an individual.

How the environment influences the social organization of turkana
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