Essays in idleness the tsurezuregusa of kenko

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Yoshida Kenkō

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Kenko's Esteem for Hermits in his Essays in Idleness The Tsurezuregusa or Essays in Idleness of Yoshida no Keneyoshi (that is, Kenko) is a posthumous collection of essays and aphorisms on disparate topics, probably assembled in their existing sequence by Kenko himself.

Essays in idleness: the Tsurezuregusa of Kenkō. [Kenkō Yoshida; Donald Keene] -- "Written sometime between andthe Essays in Idleness, with their timeless relevance and charm, hardly mirror the turbulent times in which they were born.

ESSAYS IN IDLENESS BY THE TSUREZUREGUSA OF KENKO SELECTIONS TRANSLATED BY DONALD KEENE What a strange, demented feeling it gives me when I realize I have spent whole days before this inkstone, with nothing better to do, jotting down at random whatever nonsensical thoughts have. Kenko's *Tsurezuregusa,* or, Essays in Idleness, felt like a bit of a dull ache.

It was not something I read straight through, which is a little atypical of my reading habits (though becoming more common, I think)/5. As Emperor Go-Daigo fended off a challenge from the usurping Hojo family, and Japan stood at the brink of a dark political era, Kenkō held fast to his Buddhist beliefs and took refuge in the pleasures of solitude.

Written between andEssays in Idleness reflects the congenial priest's thoughts on a variety of subjects.2/5(1).

Essays in idleness the tsurezuregusa of kenko
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Essays in Idleness Quotes by Yoshida Kenkō