Did black power groups harm the

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54i. Black Power

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Did Black Power groups harm the struggle for civil rights? Essay - Part 2

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In gaining more of a sense of a cultural identity, blacks demanded that whites no longer refer to them as "Negroes" but as "Afro-Americans," similar to other ethnic groups, such as Irish Americans and Italian Americans.

The Black Power movement had a profound impact, for example, on the struggle for equality in the Caribbean, where freedom fighters started the Afro-Caribbean movement, activists in Barbados formed the People ’ s Progressive Movement, and grassroots organizers in Bermuda launched the Black Beret group (Jeffries ).

However, Black Power groups can also be blamed for harming the struggle for civil rights. Two contrasting groups were both fighting against the ill treatment of black people and Americans were made to choose who to support. Did Black Power groups harm the struggle for civil rights??Did Black Power groups harm the struggle for civil rights?

After the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Act of it seemed as though those who advocated peaceful protests had got what they wanted.

The Black Power movement grew out of the Civil Rights Movement that had steadily gained momentum through the s and s. Although not a formal movement, the Black Power movement marked a turning point in black-white relations in the United States and also in how blacks saw themselves.

The. Though the Black Power movement did not remedy the political problems faced by African Americans in the s and s, the movement did contribute to the .

Did black power groups harm the
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Civil Rights Movement: "Black Power" Era