Comparing the different views of john searle and alan turing on the debate on artificial intelligenc

Alan Turing: The experiment that shaped artificial intelligence

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The glowing Searle wants to answer is this:. Based on Turing’s argument for the possibility of artificial intelligence, Siri* would be considered a “thinking, intelligent being” because Turing’s definition of a “thinking, intelligent being” is a being that has the ability to use and understand language.

John Searle in his paper “Minds, Brain and Programs” presented the strong critics of the strong intelligence.

John Searle’s Argument on Strong Artificial Intelligence

First of all in the paper Searle differentiates between different types of artificial intelligence: weak AI, which is just a helping tool in study of the mind, and strong AI, which is considered to be appropriately designed computer able to perform.

John Searle contrived two arguments on the (im)possibility of artificial intelligence: the Chinese room argument and the one based upon the observer-relativity of computation. Fundamental. John Searle’s Chinese room argument from his work “Minds, Brains, and Programs” was a thought experiment against the premises of strong Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The premises of conclude that something is of the strong AI nature if it can understand and it can explain how human understanding works. InAlan Turing proposed a general procedure to test the intelligence of an agent now known as the Turing test.

This procedure allows almost all the major problems of artificial intelligence to be tested. Complete with a Web-resource directory and a time line tracing the milestones of the A.I. debate sinceArguing A.I. looks at how the field of artificial intelligence has marked the front lines in a century-long battle between scientist and philosopher.".

Comparing the different views of john searle and alan turing on the debate on artificial intelligenc
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