Carioosa, the national dance of the philippines essay

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History of the Carinosa Dance

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Carinosa, The National Dance Of The Philippines Essay Sample

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* Music The music of Carinosa shows a great Spanish influence to the Filipinos. /5(1). The Cariñosa (meaning loving or affectionate one), is a Philippine national dance from the María Clara suite of Philippine folk dances, where the fan, and handkerchief plays an instrument role as it places the couple in romance scenario.

Carinosa. the national dance of the Philippines. is a romantic. coquettish common people dance set to a waltz-like 3/4 beat. A twosome expresses their feelings for each other with demure moves. including playing hide-and-seek behind a hankie or a fan. What is the history of carinosa dance from the Philippines?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. it is regarded as a national dance by scholars, and the characteristic shy behavior of the female dancer is said to represent the mannerisms of Filipina women.

Carinosa folk dance is introduced by the Spaniards during the colonialization. Cariñosa is not the national dance of the Philippines, neither is it Tinikling. It has no basis in Philippine law such as the claims to the supposed Philippines' National Animal (Carabao.

Carinosa or Karinyosa. Watch video of this sayaw. Cariñosa a Philippine folk dance of Hispanic origin. This Filipino dance involves a fan or handkerchief.

Cariñosa : The Dance of Love

Carinosa or Karinyosa. Rivaling the tinikling, the cariñosa has also been called the national dance of the Philippines.

Carioosa, the national dance of the philippines essay
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