An experiment to determine the thickness of tissue

Basic Physics of Nuclear Medicine/Attenuation of Gamma-Rays

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Measuring paper

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Paper Towel Experiment

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Mammalian Tissues

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1 Although a sodium lamp is the easiest source of monochromatic light for this experiment, a Bunsen burner fed with common salt or, better, sodium bicarbonate, on an iron wire, provides a. experiment with a smaller piece of paper placed on top of a large coin (instead of on a book).

Paper Towel Experiment

How it works: The book and coin push aside the air in front of the paper. For this reason, the paper falls at the same (fast) rate as its heavier “helper” (the book or coin).

Geiger–Marsden experiment

A piece of paper falling by itself cannot as easily overcome air resistance. Now, by subtraction, you can determine the thickness of the main layers: C-B = layer of clay, B-A = layer of silt, A = layer of gravel and sand.

Using a sieve with 2 mm holes (less than 1/8 inches), you can separate the gravel from the sand and determine their ratio. Perhaps you could design an experiment to rate the strength and softness, or try and calculate how much each towel costs per sheet. Paper towel manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year but, with a few simple experiments, you can find out which brands truly are the best.

or before running an experiment with your new diffusion cell or system, it is important to not only be familiar with the tissue does not directly correlate to the thickness of that tissue. For example, skin structure varies to tissue can help to determine if the results are valid.

You can.

An experiment to determine the thickness of tissue
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Experiment #4: Penetrating Power