A review of the trade routes during the classical era

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AP World History- Period Three Review. STUDY.

PLAY. How did trade networks in the post-Classical Era compare to the Classical Era?

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Trade routes were safer The number of trade routes were increased and new widespread How did trans-Eurasian trade as a whole developed a whole during the post-Classical era?

• Improved trade throughout Asia and eastern Europe • Paper money, banking, and letters of credit • Once areas were conquered a period of extended peace normally resulted THE IMPORTANCE OF THE MONGOLS The Mongol invasions and conquests of the 13th century are arguably among the most influential set of events in world history.

Major Trades Routes All of these routes would connect with others at certain points. This meant the world was connected by trade, even if most people never knew it.

These trade routes are one of the biggest reasons cultural diffusion took place. These routes helped ideas, technologies, etc. Trans-Regional trade networks during the classical era Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

PERIODS 1/2 REVIEW ( BCE TO CE) Use of money - Long distance trade made the barter system India - Although political unity was difficult for India, the Mauryan and Gupta Empire emerged during the classical era. COMMON FEATURES OF CLASSICAL CIVILIZATIONS.

Trade in the Classical Era Key Concept Alex Bragan This is Lil B. He proves a rather great example of the effects of Classical Era trade. For example: culture New Technology! New technology facilitated long-distance communication and exchange.

Animals! (like Daniel) Saddle Used to sit on animals.

A review of the trade routes during the classical era
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A review of the trade routes during the classical era