A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

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Hull hospital pioneers Gulf War Syndrome treatment

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3 Kings the Realities of the Gulf War

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The syndrome is controversial with many medical experts refusing to accept that it exists. Many military veterans link their illness to vaccinations given prior to their deployment to the Gulf in. K2the worlds second tallest mountain at and whether he was the first person to climb mount everest the summit to the gods an essay on the advantages and disadvantages of drinking alcohol Everest Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

and Gulf War Syndrome Thousands of United States military personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War are now seriously incapacitated from "unknown" causes. For example, after one veteran returned from his stint of duty as an army platoon leader in the Persian Gulf, his health began to deteriorate.

Gulf War illness has been consistently reported in all studies of Gulf War veterans and that it is seen in about % of Gulf War veterans, or abouttoof thetroops deployed to the.

Despite extensive research, the cause of the syndrome remains unexplained. How many veterans are impacted by the Gulf War syndrome? According to a report released by the National Academies of Institute of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) inabout one-third of Gulf War veterans (or approximatelyveterans) have suffered from chronic multisymptom illness (CMI).

Gulf War syndrome is the popular name for a chronic multisymptom illness complex first identified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in after thousands of returning troops complained of numerous unexplained symptoms.

A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome
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Gulf War Syndrome and Military Vaccines: Adverse Reactions. Thinktwice!