A discussion on the justification of the state and state legitimacy

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Political Legitimacy

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Locke’s Justification of the State

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A is an editor in a huge video. Justification of the State. So why is it necessary to justify the State at all? Would we not all be better just accepting that it is necessary and making it work for the good of the commonwealth? The reason why justifying the State is important is because the power of the State affects nearly every part of our lives.

The utilitarian account of political obligation can accept that there are many types of reasons explaining why broad expectations concerning individual and group behavior are created, and each type of reason can be understood as supporting the. State legitimacy is a key aspect of state-society relations.

State repression and violence, which occurs in many conflict-affected contexts, results in negative experiences of citizens with the state, a legacy of mistrust, and rejection of the legitimacy of state institutions.

ticular state is legitimate for a particular individual, which means that the former has the right to rule over the latter. In “Justification and Legitimacy” Simmons contends that Locke’s political philosophy provides the model for the conceptual distinction between state justification and state legitimacy.

Role of social protection in building state legitimacy 22 4 Discussion 25 What we found 25 Policy implications of findings 27 5 Conclusion 28 Table 1: Geographic/demographic selection for this study 10 the justification of state authority. It is also subject to citizens’ expectations and perceptions.

of the rational justification of the state. In what follows I shall comment critically on some of the prominent features of his argu- ment- adding, where necessary, relevant details of his discussion that were omitted from the outline. Before proceeding, however, there are a couple of remarks of an interpretive nature that need to be made.

A discussion on the justification of the state and state legitimacy
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Locke's Justification of the State - James Taylor