A critical study of income patterns after the event tourism in sri lanka essay

Economy of Sri Lanka

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Tourism in Sri Lanka

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Travel and Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka 2 travel and tourism industry is expected to generatejobs directly in ( percent of total employment). ByT&T is forecast to generatejobs, an increase of. THE WORLD BANK GROUP AND SRI LANKA.

The World Bank Group has supported Sri Lanka’s development for nearly six decades. Although in many ways it is a development success story, Sri Lanka still faces critical challenges as it strives to become an upper middle-income country.

“Critical study of income patterns after the event tourism in Sri Lanka which is essential further improvement of the Sri Lanka travel industry.” Problem Justification Income after events conducted in SL gone under public conjecture, identification of income generated thorough sale of goods and services during the time of an event is a vital factor in.

The first wave from the tsunami reached the east coasts of Sri Lanka about minutes after the earthquake, with a surge height of to metres. Due to the criticality of the coastal regions to Maldive's tourism and the buffer that they offer to inland areas of the islands, damage to such regions due to the tsunami is of particular.

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We deliver papers of different types: essays, theses, book reviews, case studies, etc. Tourism is one of the major foreign income sources in Sri Lanka.

Main objectives of this study is to find out what are the social political and economical problems created by tourism and also the policy formulation for correction of the problems.

Both quantitative and qualitative methods will be used in the analysis with available secondary data.

A critical study of income patterns after the event tourism in sri lanka essay
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